• Stany Hellin

And we move on!

Version V2.1 of OMNIPRIVACY has been released. Thanks to precious input of our customers and partners, we could add a number of interesting and relevant features.

What to expect from this new version?

All French speaking users benefit from a full user experience in their language. With that, we mean, the full application, including administration panel and our much appreciated and detailed user manuals, are translated to French.

No (wo)man without a plan? Of course, this counts for implementation of GPDR as well. The new 'GDPR Progress Dashboard' provides with a clear overview of the actual status and enables you to draft and monitor the plan to get to full GDPR readiness of your organisation

GPDR processes within an organisation do not stand on their own. They interact with the overall business processes. We equipped OMNIPRIVACY with standard networking capabilities so all users keep on using their application, their terminology and their process.

And for OMNITRACKER customers, we did something special: an out-of-the-box plugin offers exchange of process statuses, tasks and even master data.

And our continuous improvement approach where user and market feedback lead to convenient enhancements. This version indeed contains a number of new features in the area of document management (for processing of policies & standard operating procedures) and classification of e.g. personal data categories.

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