AVG/GDPR is not a tick in the box. It is there to stay and needs to be embedded in the way organisations are organized and working.

OMNIPRIVACY, a 360°AVG/GDPR management tool, has been designed by OMNINET Software Solutions with the aim of insuring 100% control and oversight of AVG/GDPR Readiness by continuously monitoring 7 processes: the processing register, contract management, data leaks, privacy requests, document management, risk management and dashboards.

Read on and discover how OMNIPRIVACY can contribute to this within your organization



OMNIPRIVACY is a user-friendly, cloud-based management application which provides 360° control over the GDPR compliancy of your company. Besides maintaining centralised control, you can also easily provide extensive reporting to all relevant parties.

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Manage and document all processing activities related to personal data


Manage data leaks and create a direct exchange with the necessary relevant parties, such as the Data Processor, Data Controller, Legal Department, Data Protection Officer, etc.


Manage all types of privacy requests from one central point (right to be forgotten, right of access, etc.)


Easily gain insight into previously made agreements or agreements yet to be made which relate to data processors or data controllers.


Manage all GDPR-related documents, such as privacy statements, procedures, processor agreements, GDPR guidelines, etc. Manage the validity of each of these documents and use the standard document templates to quickly draft your own statements, etc.


Manage identified risks and define procedures and measures.


Well-organised and role-specific dashboards display risks and tasks.


Our solution helps organization to complete their GDPR Compliancy Program in an efficient way by implementing these four pilars:

  • Quality
    Always and everywhere of wanneer dan ook
    We offer you a clear overview of the status of the different processes. This way you can immediately see where your attention or action is required. We also monitor the main KPI’s and drill down to operational figures and activities.

  • Consistancy
    Information and processes
    A lot of processes require an exchange of information and documentation. It is important to do this consistently by using the correct templates and implementing pragmatic, pre-defined processes.
    This allows you to collect and evaluate the proof for your assessements and audits.

  • Overview
    Quick and easy
    We offer you a clear overview of the current status of your projects and processes. That way you immediately see where your attention or action is required. We also look after the most important KPI’s and give you more information on operational numbers and activities.

  • Efficiency
    Let technology help you
    Our efforts in designing intuitive screens is recognized by our users and partners. With the Predefined Processes and import templates, you will be up and running in no time.

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OMNIPRIVACY is available in two versions: Essential and Extended. The Extended version offers additional features such as extended dashboards, task management and integration with other applications.


  • Processing Activities

  • Contract Management

  • Privacy Requests

  • Breach Incidents

  • Self Service Portal

  • Document Management

  • Data Management


  • Essential capabilities

  • Delegation of duties

  • Task Management

  • Risk Management (DPIA’s)

  • Extended dashboarding

  • Integration with other applications

  • Personalized Self Service Portal

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