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Tooling, our passion, is only a part of the story. Our partners can complement this with their expertise and provide you with useful advice and industry best practices.

Approach Belgium

APPROACH is a leading provider of cyber security services and solutions in Belgium.
Leveraging a large pool of certified professionals, we strengthen your cyber security and resilience posture, by adopting a risk-based and layered security strategy.
We offer solutions covering a broad range of needs. These solutions cover strategy and governance, as well as resilient implementations for your data, applications and infrastructures.

Approach and Omniprivacy are partnering to answer the major enterprises’ GDPR compliance challenges. The advanced GDPR Management tool from Omniprivacy integrated in our DPO as a Service solution offers a powerful synergy to manage and maintain your GDPR compliance efficiently.

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Computer Task Group

CTG Regulatory Compliance offers both services and solutions that enable our customers to become GDPR compliant.We provide a wide range of services which vary from training (awareness and IAPP certification – CIPP/E and CIPP/M) to reviewing contracts with vendors or suppliers (third party agreements).

Furthermore we put forth tooling solutions to automate your privacy management as well as the data governance of all your personal data to enhance data subject requests, data retention policies, data classification and access & security.

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3 Headed Giant

We offer innovative solutions that enable you to organize, manage and get in control of your services. One of these services is ‘DPO as a service’ were we aim to advise our customers on how to structure all the activities and information related to data privacy.

Our approach is result driven and aimed at facilitating real value from services, both to the service provider and his customers.

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IT & Security? BA nows how!
We are a consultancy company specialized in conceptualizing, building, managing and troubleshooting of IT, network and security solutions. What you can expect is a no-nonsense service, flexibility and expertise.

We do this for corporate organisations, small & medium businesses and public services.
As part of the security portfolio, we advise our customers on how to gain and keep control over the data privacy within their organization and to make it GPDR ready.

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