Feature update: An overview of the GDPR/AVG status in your organization at any time.

Preparing the organization for the GDPR has an impact on quite a few processes, people and systems. Maintaining an overview and measuring progress across those different activities and actions is essential to keep control over where an organization stands in terms of privacy.

When using OMNIPRIVACY, a lot of data related to the GDPR processes and activities are tracked. A helicopter overview of this information gives a very good idea of which actions, mandatory or not, still need your attention. It is exactly that what new ‘GDPR Progress‘ dashboard has to offer.

What to expect?

  • A checklist of different chapters and items (with recommendations and reference to the relevant article in the GDPR regulation)
  • Hide items or chapters that do not apply to you or add the ones you cannot find yourself
  • Indicate progress per item, take notes and attach tasks to it. In this way a plan can be made, with or without deadlines, to achieve a more complete implementation of AVG/GDPR within your organization.
  • A scoring algorithm that takes into account the status of the different items and thus results in a general indication of progress

At the start-up of OMNIPRIVACY, this dashboard also serves as a tool for an assessment of the initial situation (the baseline measurement).

Od you know that this useful dashboard is already available from version 2.1 on?