Working from home & AVG/GDPR: tips for keeping a grip on privacy

Fortunately, many of us have the technical means and the internet infrastructure appears to be sufficient to continue working from home. This requires an adaptation of our daily habits and this also means that the home worker IT-wise is active much more outside the protected environment of the office.

And that less secure means are sometimes used by creative home workers. And that at a time when hackers see additional opportunities. As DPO you see the grip of data privacy weakening. We picked up some tips for home workers and are happy to share them with you.

  • Use existing collaboration tools as much as possible and if they are not available (enough), check with IT before using others
  • Do not share work-related documents via personal cloud storage accounts.
  • Work only via the company VPN
  • If your company does not have an anti-malware solution, activate Windows Defender immediately.
  • Install all updates! One missed update can make all the difference, especially in these times when hackers are extra active.
  • One that should always be done when working from home: Empty the ‘download’ folder at the end of the day. It may contain sensitive files.

We hope you find this useful for your next internal communication on data privacy.