What you can expect soon.

Curious to know how OMMNIPRIVACY evolves to offer even more control and oversight on the processes? We present three upcoming possibilities to you.

As awareness on data privacy increases within the organisation, the data privacy expert’s role changes as well. As the process owners become more and more empowered, the delegation and follow-up of tasks becomes increasingly more important.

This is why OMNIPRIVACY will soon be offering Task Management in a very visual and user-friendly way.

Our partners as well need full control on the situation of the customers they provide their services to.

We will release a specific Customer Service Centre for our partners where they get a quick and simple overview of the situation and required actions at their customers.

The last new possibility we want to present to you is about managing the risk in the organisation.

Not only PIA’s get a spot amongst the processes, one will be able to document, monitor progress of resulting measures and report on them.

Discover these features soon in our upcoming version.